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The Centre Eugène Marquis, member of the French Federation for the Fight against Cancer (Fédération Française des Centres de Lutte Contre le Cancer) plays an important role in the teaching and research on oncology in Brittany.


University teaching provides the initial training of medicine students (field of clinical practice, teaching of theory) and that associated with specialised medicine. Medical oncology, radiotherapist oncology, nuclear medicine, general medicine, internal medicine, surgery … The Centre has an ongoing training institute "Institut de Formation" (IFOREM) which develops « à la carte » teaching for specialist doctors, general practitioners, nurses for oncology or for palliative care, oncological care support teams, management of implantable sites, radio-protection

Clinical research is an important part of the remit of the CRLCC. At the Centre Eugène Marquis it is organised under the auspices of the Bureau d’Etudes Cliniques (office of clinical studies) involving : doctors, pharmacists, nurses, research technicians. Its emphasis is on diagnostic or therapeutic clinical projects, whether from universities or the pharmaceutical industry.

Translational research ensures the passage of progress from the laboratory to the patient's bedside and is just as much a part of he historical positioning of the CRLCC. This is in particular based upon the development of tissue banks enabling the implementation of molecular tests required for the individualisation of treatments.

In the same manner, for undamental research, the evolution of technologies plays an increasingly important role in Imaging and Radiotherapy. It is an important axis of research in association with university or private laboratories with the target of improving diagnostic and therapeutic methods (better targeting of radiation for example).

These research activities are translated into publications, whether national or international, which underline the dynamism of this research, spearheading the treatments and the progress of tomorrow.

Non-differentiated cells Differentiated cells

Cellules non différenciéesNon-differentiated cells
Cellules différenciéesDifferentiated cells

Blue = the nucleus of the cells coloured by the DAPI
Red = the beta3-tubuline coloured by an antibody