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Rennes Breast Institute (Institut Rennais du Sein)

The Rennes Breast Institute (Institut Rennais du Sein) is a branch of the Regional Institute for Cancer Research of Rennes (Institut Régional de Cancérologie de Rennes). It is located at the Centre Eugène Marquis - Centre for the Fight against Cancer (Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer) in Rennes - with state-of-the-art technical facilities and specialist teams.

The Rennes Breast Institute (Institut Rennais du Sein) offers a global action plan to all patients withe diseases of the breast (whether benign or cancerous and malignant) via the intermediary of a medical and surgical team drawn from the Centre Eugène Marquis, from the CHU de Rennes and from the Clinique mutualiste la Sagesse (Mutual Clinic of Wisdom)..

The Institute participates in organised mass screening (with full-field digital mammography and high frequency echographs). Thanks to constantly more innovative technology (macrobiopsy under stereotaxy, microbiopsy or macrobiopsy under echography, macrobiopsy under MRI and soon tomosynthesis and elastographiy), the patients are accompanied throughout their diagnosis in order to facilitate treatment within the best possible deadlines.

A team of surgeons, specialised in breast cancer surgery, is available to patients in matters of plan of action once they have their histological diagnosis. Each patient will have the ear of the team and be accompanied by it on the path towards treatment. The Institute provides state-of-the-art innovative surgical techniques which are adapted to each case :

  • Sentinal node,
  • One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification (OSNA) technique,
  • Oncoplasty,
  • Breast reconstruction surgery,
  • Corrective surgery

Therapeutic decisions are taken on a collegial basis and at Multidisciplinary Concertation Meetings (Réunions de Concertation Pluridisciplinaires (RCP)) involving radiologists, anatomopathologists, surgeons, medical and radiotherapist oncologists.