Physiotherapists and massage therapists provide treatment whenever required at all stages of patient care. They work with all care departments, including surgery, oncology and, occasionally, radiotherapy, to provide care to patients during their time in hospital and after they have returned home. The care provided is tailored to each person and always forms part of an overall multidisciplinary approach. Pain management is a key part of physiotherapy and massage therapy.

Advice and prevention

  • Physiotherapists and massage therapists provide advice and teach exercises to be carried out to prevent complications after surgery.



Physiotherapists/massage therapists play various roles:

  • They help patients become more self-reliant and improve their mobility after surgery, through activities such as training and muscle strengthening (walking, moving, etc.).
  • They help patients who require respiratory care.
  • They provide care, advice, education and support in the event of lymphatic complications, in collaboration with independent physiotherapists (see the lymphology unit)

Physiotherapists work with orthopaedic manufacturers to procure equipment to meet patients’ needs. They help improve patient well-being and pain management, in collaboration with the pain unit at the Eugène Marquis Centre.

  • Massage and mobilisation
  • Teaching exercises

Staff physiotherapists work with independent physiotherapists to ensure that patients are able to return home safely and easily. They encourage patients to perform adapted physical activity.

The Centre’s physiotherapist/massage therapist also conducts external consultations, where requested by the patient’s doctor (appointments should be made directly with the physiotherapist/massage therapist):

  • Pre-surgery consultations for outpatient surgery
  • Teaching stretching exercises and self-massage to ease myofascial pain (in collaboration with the pain unit: pain specialist and specialist pain nurse)
  • Lymphology consultations