Engagement & quality

Since its establishment, the Eugène Marquis Centre has been committed to improving quality. An annual quality improvement and risk management programme is carried out, which covers risk prevention and management, quality assessment and the improvement of treatment processes.
As a result, the Care Quality and Safety Policy was developed, which has four key areas:

Improving care pathways and patient treatment

With a view to continually improving the care provided, the management team pays particular attention to complex treatment pathways and to particularly fragile patients (such as children having to undergo radiotherapy and older cancer patients).
The Eugène Marquis Centre also makes efforts to improve coordination with non-hospital care providers.


Improving patient satisfaction

The Eugène Marquis Centre takes care to ensure the quality of all information provided and protect patients’ rights, in order to guarantee their satisfaction.

To that end, service users are engaged as much as possible in the quality assurance system and with the Centre’s management team, including the Committee to Combat Nosocomial Infections (CLIN) [Comité de lutte contre les infections nosocomiales]and the Service Users Committee (CDU) [Commission des Usagers]. A committee for patients and their family members has also been established.
The Eugène Marquis Centre takes care to ensure freedom of expression for patients by providing satisfaction surveys and suggestion boxes throughout the facilities.
Satisfaction is regularly assessed through a range of frequently updated surveys.

Increasing the safety of care and ensuring a culture of quality

Meetings are regularly held across all sections to assess errors and patient complaints, during which staff members are able to decide which improvements and solutions to prioritise.

The Eugène Marquis Centre is committed to certification processes (COFRAC for its medical analysis laboratory, ISO 9001 for chemotherapy production) and its clinical research. Its staff training programme systematically includes annual training on care safety and quality.

Continuous evaluation of practices

Doctors and healthcare professionals at the Eugène Marquis Centre regularly evaluate their practices in order to guarantee quality of care.


A-grade certified by the French National Authority for Health (HAS) [Haute Autorité de Santé]

During certification, the French National Authority for Health (HAS) [Haute Autorité de Santé] aims to assess the quality and safety of the care provided by establishments applying for certification. It performs a global, independent audit of the establishment, during which it assesses the focus placed on patients, the information provided to patients at each stage of their treatment and the safeguards in place to protect patient rights.

In particular, HAS assesses the ability of the establishment to identify and manage risks and to implement good practices.

Following a visit from HAS experts, the Eugène Marquis Centre was awarded A-grade certification with no reservations or recommendations for a duration of six years.

Quality indicators available to all

The Eugène Marquis Centre plays an active role in collecting national indicators on the safety and quality of care (IPAQSS). They are posted on the Centre’s walls.

The wider public can also view the indicators on the national website Scope Santé.

The indicators allow patients to view the quality and safety of the care provided compared with similar establishments throughout France.