Lymphology unit

The lymphology unit provides care for patients at the Eugène Marquis Centre who are experiencing post-treatment lymphoedema. Lymphoedema causes swelling in an area of the body following the accumulation of lymph fluid in the connective tissue.

Our lymphology unit comprises trained medical and paramedical professionals (including a physiotherapist with a degree in lymphology from the University of Montpellier) who, in collaboration with independent physiotherapists, provide care for patients at the Centre who are experiencing post-treatment lymphoedema.

Care is provided at various stages:

An initial consultation with the Centre’s physiotherapist and, occasionally, a doctor is held to discuss their personal care pathway.

Physiotherapy may be prescribed, to be provided by an independent physiotherapist.

Follow-up consultations may be scheduled at the Centre as required to adjust the patient’s care.

Private and group workshops:

  • “Daily Life and Hobbies”, to help patients understand oedema and adapt their daily activities.
  • “Care, treatments and resources for lymphoedema”
  • “Bandaging your upper limbs”


The Centre’s physiotherapist is always available to direct patients towards other support care professionals as required, such as the dietician, a pain nurse, social care workers and psychologists.

Since 2013, the lymphology unit has offered annual training for independent physiotherapists, in cooperation with the Eugène Marquis Training Institute (IFOREM) [Institut de Formation du CEM].

Programme overview:

  • Breast cancer treatment and breast reconstruction Complications with treating lymph nodes and management of early surgical complications by physiotherapists/massage therapists
  • Physiotherapy for patients with secondary lymphoedema, lymphocele, lymphatic cording and myofascial syndrome
  • Manual lymphatic draining and bandaging: practical application
  • The role of the orthotist/prosthetist (bands and orthoses)