NuMeCan unit

The NuMeCan (Nutrition, Metabolism and Cancer) unit conducts research on the liver, and its TGTC (TGF? Signalling, Glutathione Homeostasis and Innovative Therapies for Cancer) team is developing innovative treatments for liver cancer.

The NuMeCan unit is an INSERM research unit at the University of Rennes I that brings together researchers and clinicians from different specialist areas who are interested in nutrition and diseases of the liver.

Doctors at the Eugène Marquis Centre, in particular Professor Etienne Garin and Dr Julien Edeline, are working with the TGTC team to develop markers and new treatments for liver cancer.

The Eugène Marquis Centre is the leading provider of radioembolisation treatment in France.

This treatment is used to expose liver tumours to localised radiation and allows for a personalised approach to doses. The publications issued by the research team are internationally-recognised core resources in the field.