Signal and image processing laboratory

Working in the field of information science and technology, the Signal and Image Processing Laboratory [Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et de l’Image] is developing clinical, technological and methodological research to support data interpretation and medical decision-making.

The Signal and Image Processing Laboratory, , INSERM 1099 mixed research unit, has five teams.The Eugène Marquis Centre is working with two of those teams in particular.





The IMPACT team is working to support decision-making based on imaging tests and modelling for planning and facilitating surgical procedures and treatments. The team work closely with staff from the Eugène Marquis Centre in the area of radiotherapy.

Through this collaboration, the Eugène Marquis Centre is helping to develop new technologies for external radiotherapy using x-rays, such as image-guided radiotherapy. It is helping to improve treatment area targeting, to reduce toxicity and to increase the efficacy of external radiotherapy, which is an important addition to the modern toolkit of cancer treatments.


SEPIA team

The SEPIA team focuses in particular on the area of big data in health in order to develop methods for sharing and using patient data collected in large volumes during care. Medical files, prescriptions and all electronic data (scans, imaging and other laboratory tests), most of which are now stored in digital form, provide a wealth of information for use in medical research.

The Eugène Marquis Centre is working with the Signal and Image Processing Laboratory [Laboratoire Traitement du Signal et de l’Image] to develop infrastructures and methods to use data ethically to support research to combat modern forms of cancer.