Cosmetic and personal care

To improve your comfort and well-being during and after surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy, during your time in hospital and during external consultations at the Eugène Marquis Centre you are entitled to free beauty and relaxation treatments with a socio-aesthetician.

The services on offer include:

  • Facials
  • Body massage
  • Manicures
  • Make-up advice and skincare
  • Personalised advice depending on your needs (hair loss, dry skin, acne, etc.)

Take care of yourself by having a private session in a booth or participating in a group workshop. These services are open to men and women.

In addition to improving well-being, cosmetic and personal care helps manage the side effects of treatments on the skin, reintroducing soothing sensations to a body battered by disease and treatment and improving your self-image.