Discharge coordinator

At the request of doctors, care units, patients or their relatives,
the discharge coordinator organises the care required
to facilitate a patient’s return home.


The discharge coordinator meets with the patient and their family to identify their needs at home and take any necessary action.


The discharge coordinator informs the various professionals who provide at-home care (independent nurses, pharmacists, care providers, etc.) to ensure the continuation of care and services.


The discharge coordinator monitors the patient by speaking to them over the telephone and/or regularly discussing the case with the external care providers and independent nurses, as required.

Ensuring safety

The discharge coordinator can request that the patient’s doctor at the Eugène Marquis Centre make adjustments to the care provided. The discharge coordinator informs external care providers of any changes made. If required, the discharge coordinator can refer patients to the support care team.

Depending on the care required at home, the discharge coordinator may decide to schedule regular telephone calls to ensure that no difficulties arise and to make any adjustments required.