Correct nutrition is essential during treatment. That is why the Eugène Marquis Centre has dieticians on hand to help you maintain good nutrition and to find solutions to any problems faced.


After carrying out a nutritional assessment, the dietitian will give you advice specific to your situation, your condition and your treatment.

They will ask you to weigh yourself regularly (once a week) and report any weight loss or gain to your care team. You may also be referred to the dietician by your care team during a consultation or during your time in hospital.


Adapting your diet

You may need to adapt your diet to prevent malnutrition during treatment. Your body needs more calories and protein when it is sick. Your diet needs to adapt to meet your needs and mitigate any side effects. The balance of your diet will therefore need to change.

It is important to act as soon as possible if you experience unexpected weight loss of 4% or more.

Women receiving hormone therapy for breast cancer can attend the “Hormone Therapy and Nutrition” workshop to discuss their diets.

To register for the workshop, contact the Meetings and Information Centre [Espace de Rencontres et d’Information] on (+31) 02992 53131.