Pain unit

As pain is personal and can be difficult to talk about, the Eugène Marquis Centre can arrange for you to meet with a pain specialist.

Meeting with a pain specialist

Consultations can be arranged at the request of your doctor, accompanied by a medical letter in which your doctor:

  • requests a clinical assessment of your pain
  • suggests a personalised and adapted treatment plan
  • sets out steps for conducting treatment in collaboration with other health professionals


Meeting with pain nurses and follow-up

  • To provide an opportunity for you to discuss your pain
  • To discuss your care
  • To support you throughout your treatment
  • To help with treatment follow-up
  • To keep in contact with your home


The Eugène Marquis Centre also runs a treatment education workshop entitled

“Learning to manage your pain to improve your quality of life”, which aims to:

  • Increase understanding of treatments
  • Help patients manage their treatment
  • Improve quality of life for patients on opioids



Pain can be managed in a variety of ways:

  • Through drug therapy
  • Through proven non-medication-based methods

Analgesics are medicines that help relieve pain. Morphine and its derivatives are some of the most powerful and most commonly used painkillers at the Eugène Marquis Centre. Some types of pain require other medications, however.

Other approaches may be used where recommended following your medical assessment: technical approaches such as interventional radiology, radiotherapy and anaesthetic techniques; non-medication-based approaches such as transcutaneous neurostimulation, heat therapy (hot and cold), physical activity, physiotherapy, psychological support, hypnosis and osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Patient participation is always essential in managing pain, at all stages of care.

The Centre offers multidisciplinary care (involving doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, etc.) to help patients maintain a good quality of life, manage their pain, improve their sleep and carry out adapted physical activities with little or no side effects from the analgesic treatment prescribed. SOR (Standards, Options and Recommendations 2002).

In 2011, the Eugène Marquis Centre was certified by the Regional Health Agency [Agence Régionale de Santé] as a chronic pain treatment centre specialising in cancer.
The Centre’s Pain Control Committee (CLUD) [Comité de Lutte contre la Douleur] develops and coordinates pain management throughout the establishment, working with specialists in each department.