Psychological support

Cancer can come as a shock to patients and their families. It is important that you have a space in which to talk.

Patients and their families who wish to have a private meeting with a psychologist can do so at the Centre.

Meetings can take place while you are at the Eugène Marquis Centre for a consultation, hospital stay, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, at any time during your care.

Lending an ear to patients and their families


Our psychologists also run a number of workshops. To register for a workshop, contact the Meetings and Information Centre [Espace de Rencontres et d’Information] or call (+31) 02992 53029:

  • “Now What?” workshop, for patients who have finished treatment.
  • “Hormone Therapy” workshop, for women with breast cancer who are undergoing hormone therapy.
  • “By The Way” workshop, a conversation group for parents (one of whom is ill) and a space for their children to express themselves.