Social care

The social care service supports patients and their families and friends. They can help you to identify solutions, support you in making changes and answer your questions.

Provision of care

Will my care be fully paid for (at home and at hospital)?
If I don’t have health insurance, what fees will I have to pay?
Is the cost of taxi, private car and ambulance transport reimbursed?

Financial resources when you are ill

What financial resources do I have access to when I am ill?
What do I need to do to apply for credit?
Do I have any specific rights during illness?

Professional life

I am a civil servant – what do I need to do if I need to take extended sick leave?
Do my family members have specific rights to allow them to support me during my illness?
What do I need to do to arrange my return to work (managing the role and working hours)?
What do I need to do to have my illness recognised as an occupational disease?

Daily life 

What should I do to make daily life manageable (help at home, childcare, etc.)?
What should I do if my home is no longer suitable for my condition?


Our social workers can arrange to meet with you. They are here to help you to find the best solutions for your situation. They will help you and your family with any changes that need to be made.
You may also be referred to the social services team by your care team during a consultation or during your time in hospital.