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The Eugène Marquis Centre is a specialist cancer care centre with three key missions: care, research and teaching. We are seeking to constantly improve the quality of care provided and to increase patient access to care. All doctors at the Eugène Marquis Centre are staff doctors. We charge standard fees only.

Making an appointment with an oncologist

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Making an appointment for a nuclear medicine exam

Scintigraph: (+31) 02992 53080

PET scan: (+31) 02992 53055

Metabolic thyroid radiology – cancerology and hyperthyroid: (+31) 02992 53095

Analgesic metabolic radiotherapy: (+31) 02992 53095

Internal vectorised liver radiotherapy: (+31) 02992 52920


Making an appointment for a medical imaging exam

Radiology, CT scan, ultrasound, thyroid puncture: (+31) 02992 53080

Interventional radiology: (+31) 02992 52920

Mammography, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy: (+31) 02992 53101

Oncological MRI, mammary and pelvic MRI: (+31) 02992 53787