Normal hospitalisation

During your stay at the Eugène Marquis Centre, you will be taken care of by a qualified team who will make sure that you are comfortable, safe and receiving the best possible treatment. The information about your care provided below will help you to prepare for your arrival.

Depending on your treatment, you may be required to stay in hospital for around a week (for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy over several days or who need to undergo tests that require hospitalisation) or longer (for patients with complications caused by their illness or treatment and for patients who need to remain in hospital for treatment for more than six days).



    The department

    The department looks after patients who are undergoing chemotherapy over several days or who need to undergo tests that require hospitalisation. It also has a clinical research unit.

    Your oncologist may prescribe you chemotherapy to take place over several days. You will be given an appointment in the short-term admissions department. You will be looked after by a junior doctor and a senior doctor, usually your attending doctor or the department’s consultant.
    It does not matter if you do not have the same doctor for every session as all information about your illness and treatment is provided in your file.



    The doctor will assess the efficacy and tolerance of the treatment and will keep an eye on your health.  They will decide what chemotherapy is required and prescribe suitable treatments to prevent and treat unwanted effects and symptoms of the disease.

    You will then be taken care of by a nurse and a healthcare assistant.  All chemotherapy doses are prepared by our pharmacy and sent to the department. Chemotherapy is administrated by one or more specialist nurses who will monitor you until you have received the full dose, and sometimes for a little while after depending on the treatment given. You will be given advice suited to your treatment and health.

    At the end of your stay, you will be given discharge instructions and a date for your next appointment, in addition to a prescription for a blood test to be carried out the day before your next round of treatment.

    Regular medical letters summarising the progress of your treatment are sent to your general practitioner.

    Administrative formalities

    You will be notified of all short-term hospital stays in writing by the department manager. If you are running late or cannot make your appointment, please call the department on (+31) 02992 53177.

    Once you arrive, you (or a friend or family member) should report to the admissions office. If you arrive in a medical vehicle or ambulance, your driver can handle the admission formalities.


    The department

    The long-term and palliative care department is open 24/7. It is located at door A, on the first floor.

    It provides care for patients experiencing complications linked to their illness or treatment and patients who need to stay in hospital for treatment for more than five days. It also provides emergency care where instructed by the doctor in charge.

    Patients in the department are visited daily by a junior doctor, under the supervision of the senior doctors (department consultant and head of the palliative care unit).They work in close collaboration with the oncologists.To request an appointment with your doctors, speak to a nurse or your oncologist’s secretary.

    During your stay, you will receive multidisciplinary care from various professionals, depending on your needs, including support care staff, healthcare assistants, pain specialists, and volunteers who can visit you several times a week if you wish.